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... exploits the strength of the Sea Algae to care for your skin Naturally

Osaìne is the great result of careful studies on the natural synergy between Gulf Stream seawater and French Brittany coast seaweed.  Locatelli Group, the famous beauty industry in Italy, developed this amazing effectiveness product.  Over the year, his family has been the cause of local beauty contribution.  Moreover, Osaine is the first cosmetic line that contains as excipient the purified water the Gulf Stream's seawater.

The Gulf Stream originates from the seas facing the Amazon forest and like a vital artery, crosses the Atlantic Ocean, flowing into the sea of the Brehat Archipelago.

The water of the stream is enriched along its journey through the Ocean, like a “marine plasma” effect, thanks to the great variety of plankton species that dwell there and the extreme depths and cleanliness of the seabed.  When it gets to the sea of the Brehat Archipelago, the Stream yields this prosperous ecosystem’s essential minerals, ions and oligo-elements, oxygen, iodine and its warm temperate, all of which favor the growth of the most extraordinary algae of the planet.

Studies carried out on this water have proven that its use in a cosmetic product has the capability of revitalizing and re-mineralizing cells, stimulating fundamental enzymes, reinforcing the immune system and protecting the skin from allergies with an anti-histamine action.

The specific feature of each particular seaweed has allowed for the formulation, Osaìne products have premium quality formulas, suitable to be combined to different skin-type groups to create the appropriate treatment.  Osaìne offer 5 group skincare for the treatment on different skin type, dry skin types, mature skins, combination skin types, oily skins and specific remedies for all skin types. Let you feeling the magic of the sea for your wellness.